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One of New York City’s five boroughs made up of over 50 neighborhoods, The Bronx, is often overlooked as a desired neighborhood due to a bad reputation dating back to the 1970s, but more than 40 years later, this borough has and is still transforming into the trendy and often more affordable borough compared to other hotspots like Brooklyn or Manhattan.

Known for being home to Yankee Stadium, The Bronx also has the beautiful sprawling New York Botanical Garden and dating from 1899, the Bronx Zoo. Wave Hill, located by the Hudson River, is a public landscaped garden with a cultural center and wooded paths. There are lots of local restaurants and bars throughout the different neighborhoods, including those located in The Bronx’s Little Italy also referred to as Arthur Avenue. One future notable attraction coming to this borough is the Universal Hip Hop Museum which is being constructed in the South Bronx.

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